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If you have a chipped or cracked tooth, or one that’s been weakened by too much decay, you know just how significant such a small problem can be: A damaged tooth can be painful enough to make eating a challenge, and unattractive enough to make you want to hide your smile. At FL Dental Spa in Lighthouse Point, Florida, Dr. Michael Gertsen restores problematic teeth to their normal shape and size with one-day crowns. If you live in the Broward County area, and you’re in need of dental restoration, call the office or book your appointment online today.

Porcelain Crowns Q & A

Dr. Gertsen uses a porcelain, or ceramic, crown to strengthen and correct the appearance of a tooth that’s severely worn, cracked, weak, or discolored. It’s often the best restorative option for a tooth that’s been weakened by a large filling, or for a decayed tooth that doesn’t have enough healthy tissue to hold a filling. Crowns are also useful for restoring chipped teeth or protecting teeth that are weak and prone to breakage.

Dr. Gertsen also uses crowns to cap off dental implants so that they look just like your natural, healthy teeth. In addition, crowns may be used to:

 - Anchor a fixed bridge (multiple replacement teeth)

 - Repair a tooth worn down by grinding

 - Replace a misshapen or severely discolored tooth

What does a crown procedure entail?

At most dental offices, getting a dental crown is a two-visit procedure that requires you to wear a temporary crown for a week while you wait for a dental lab to produce your permanent crown.

That’s not the case at FL Dental Spa, where Dr. Gertsen uses cutting-edge computer technology to offer same-day crowns, so you don’t have to wait days to complete the restoration process.

The process, which utilizes advanced CEREC computer technology, works like this:

Step one

First, Dr. Gertsen numbs the treatment area, removes any old restorations or decay from the tooth, and files it down to prepare it for the crown. If you have a cavity, he fills it.

Step two

Next, he makes an optical impression of your tooth by coating it with a nontoxic, tasteless powder and using a special digital camera to create a high-resolution digital image.  

Step three

Dr. Gertsen uses CEREC 3D imaging software to convert the high-resolution picture of your tooth into a 3D virtual model on the computer. With the click of a button, he sends the restoration data to an in-office milling machine that’s preloaded with a ceramic block that matches the color of your natural teeth.     

Step four

After 10-20 minutes in the milling machine, your crown is ready for Dr. Gertsen to polish it, fit it onto your tooth, and cement it into place.

How should I take care of my crown?

The average crown lasts for five to eight years, but your crown can last much longer with good oral hygiene and regular dental care.

It’s important to continue to brush and floss twice a day to remove plaque from the area where the crown meets your gums. This is especially important if your crown is covering a natural tooth, because that tooth is still prone to decay.    

To keep your crown from cracking, avoid chewing on ice and hard foods, and wear a mouthguard if you grind your teeth at night.


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